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Build your webshop on the latest technologies the web has to offer. Ignite Shop is built on top of the latest version of the Bootstrap html framework (Bootstrap v4), which already implements the flexbox model. The flexbox model gives more flexibility over previous css designs and gives alot more control over flexible website layouts.

Just like the default scipio shop theme, ignite shop is highly customizable and includes all the sources, templating toolkit overrides & class mappings to give you the means to easily create your own design. Did we mention, that ignite shop also looks great out-of-the-box?!
All frontend-development is done using SASS, Bower and GULP. Additional frontend libraries, such as Chart.js, datatables JS, jquery and momentjs are included in this package.

The package includes:

  • Theme component
  • Clean Bootstrap CSS (SASS) and Javascript sources
  • Additional Scipio ERP customizations (all factored out for convenience)
  • Scipio ERP templating toolkit overrides
  • Scipio ERP class mappings

Want to get an impression on how this theme looks in real-life? Well, you are looking at it. This Store was built around our Ignite Shop theme.
In addition, the store theme is installed on our demo server. To activate it, head over to the Webstore settings and select "IGNITE_SHOP" from the Visual theme dropdown (you can logon using username "admin", password "scipio"). Save and you will see the shop in all its glory.

  • Life-time license will grant permanent access to our GitLab repository for this product. You will get support and new updates forever. This is the recommented way to get Scipio's products.
  • Subscription license will grant access to our GitLab repository for this product for a limited time. You will get support and new updates while the subscription is valid. Subscriptions will be renewed automatically once the period granted ends unless it gets cancelled.
  • This product requires Git to be installed in your computer in order to get them from Scipio's GitLab repository. Once purchased you must follow the instructions provided for further information.
  • Check your currently installed Git version by executing git --version from CLI or download it from here if you don't have it installed yet.
  • It is always recommended to use Git latest version.
  • You must provide a SSH public Key during checkout or later in GitLab's items page.

About Scipio

Scipio ERP is an open source business solution developed by Ilscipio. We are a german web-agency specialized in ERP development. We love our work and you can hire us to develop software for you!